What do we do

Our company provide transport and logistics services related to Switzerland: This includes express, hazardous ADR, refrigerated cargoes,  warehousing and all customs clearance procedures form Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland to Switzerland and from Switzerland to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland.

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Express transport

Most of our clients are often stuck in the situation then they need the cargo delivered in less time THAN IT IS POSSIBLE. Not many companies can offer a service called NON-STOP SHIPMENTS. That means we keep urgent shipments on the move, non-stop, from the loading point to unloading by changing drivers or trucks during transportation so that we don’t need to plan any driving and rest times. As a result you save time and also benefit from higher security because your goods are always in motion.

Customs services

Fast customs  clearance services and documentation that include export declaration, also know as EX1, transit declaration also known as T1 or T2, ATA carnet, import or European custom clearance Movement certificate EUR1 on all Switzerland borders also in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. In Lithuania we provide full range of export procedures related to export and import to Russia or other eastern countries.


We provide warehousing service in Switzerland, Germany and Lithuania, all of them with very flexible loading time. Since we always invest in quality to make loading as fast as possible, we can offer a wide range of services like long term warehousing, express unloading without any waiting time, off loading of over weight (up to 12 tons), over sized or part cargoes.

Hazardous ADR goods

All our trucks  are equipped with full ADR equipment, all drivers have licences and special training to transport hazardous cargos and company has his owns security staff, so we can transport all types of ADR shipments from I class to class 9.

Our transport

Since we are delivering full truck (FTL), part (LTL) loads, refrigerated and over sized loads, we have to have a wide selection of truck and semi-trailers to suite the needs of our clients. We have 13.6 loading meters regular tilt (tautliner) semi-trailers, MEGA semi-trailers with the inner heights of 3.2 meters, refrigerated semi-trailers that can transport temperature sensitive cargoes from -20 degrees to +30 degrees and smaller 6, 8 or 9 loading meters trucks with lifts, combined with 14 cubic meters buses for extra fast delivery our fleet can satisfy a very demanding customer. All of our trucks are manufactured in the Netherlands by DAF and we have our own service station for our trucks in Kaunas.